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Blarney Rock Pub
est. 1969
The Pub
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Rooftop bar and grill open mon thru sat. Please ask about food/drink specials. Free wifi always available. Kitchen open until midnight (sun 11pm). BAR OPEN UNTIL 4am EVERYDAY !!!

Every Hour is Happy Hour!

Have your favorite drink in a great atmosphere.

- bar menu -

Rooftop Bar Now Open!

Amazing design, perfect for private parties....

- rooftop menu -

On 19 HD TVs

All football, all hockey, all basketball and many more games....

About The Blarney Rock

Founded in 1969, Blarney Rock Pub is in our sixth decade serving our wonderful patrons with a perfect pint of Guinness and many other great beers from around the globe. Blarney Rock Pub is one of the oldest Irish Pubs on the west side.

In the heart of Manhattan tourists from all over the world enjoy our world famous Irish Breakfast, which has been described by many as the best Irish Breakfast this side of Dublin. We challenge our guests to finish it.

GO RANGERS!! Let's Go Knicks!! Met, Yankee, Giant and Jet fans are all here.

Take good food plus good drink and our great staff, and you have a formula for a great time. We look forward to seeing you.


Mon - Fri 8am - 4am : : Saturday 8am - 4am : : Sunday 10am - 4am


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